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ADL Global Partnership Network

The ADL Global Partnership Network is a collection of government organizations and academic institutions working together to implement more effective, efficient, and interoperable technology-based learning. Partnership members gain access to our community’s software, specifications, science, and expertise. Members also have a unique opportunity to exchange the latest information and to broadly shape advanced distributed learning strategy across the world’s scientific and practitioner communities.

The ADL Partnership Laboratories (i.e., academic institutions) support the network through research, while the governmental Partnership Centers focus more on operational training and education development and delivery. Together, this diverse team helps meet the ADL Global Partnership Network’s objectives to exchange information; promote a shared strategy; support development, testing & implementation; and influence the future.

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Current Participants

The US ADL Initiative leads the ADL Global Partnership Network, which comprises 17 other participants, including 12 international defense organizations, the US Office of Personnel Management, and several US-based universities:

Arizona State University




Latin America and Caribbean Regions


The Netherlands

New Zealand


Office of Personnel Management





United Kingdom

University Of Memphis

University Of Wisconsin